Teledentistry Virtual Appointments

 Teledentistry is now available!

Thank you for choosing Oyster Point Smiles for your teledentistry needs. To set up a virtual appointment with one of our doctors, please call our office or communicate with us using the live chat system on our website.

On-line appointments will be charged at the completion of on-line visit at the rate of:   

$ 49* (reg. price $69)

 *Pricing reduced to offer emergent care to patients during the nationwide COVID-19 crisis, recognizing that many dental providers’ offices are closed.

This portal allows you to schedule an appointment time less than an hour from right now!  If you require an emergency consultation, please choose the first available on-line appointment and Dr. Stockburger will contact you as soon as possible to expedite your appointment time slot.

Please note: Oyster Point Smiles is offering emergent palliative dental care.  Patients should call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room if you have any of the following symptoms, but not limited to:

  • Severe swelling – causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing
  • Inability to eat or drink
  • Severe dizziness / Light-headedness
  • Severe nausea / vomiting
  • High temperature / chills

Dr. Stockburger will palliatively treat your dental issue.  An in-office evaluation may be needed to fully assess and treat effectively; these patients will be referred to our private practice or a general dentist in your area.

**Oyster Point Smiles (Dr. Daniel Stockburger) will not prescribe any controlled medications through our Teledentistry consultations...


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