Patient Information

At Oyster Point Smiles, we offer you the best dental experience by solving the most common complaints:

Tired of filling out forms for the first 15 minutes of your visit?

- We provide you E-forms before your visit, so you can fill them out before you arrive!

What about having to wait a couple weeks and come back for a follow-up visit to get a crown on your teeth?

- Oyster Point Smiles employs revolutionary technology that prepares a crown for your teeth the same day. No more follow-up appointments for a crown!

Many dentists office will send you to another dentist office for specialty procedures, meaning it could take weeks to get all the dental service you need. 

- At Oyster Point Smiles, we have a number of specialists on staff. No matter what work you need done on your teeth, chances are we can do all your work here at our office. 

Find yourself wishing you could have a same-day reminder so you never forget an appointment?

- Oyster Point Smiles sends out regular email reminders about your appointment. If you'd like, We can also text you the morning of your appointment.

The bottome line is, no one offers you a better dental experience.  



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